At Palette by Nature, we believe that what we put on our hair and skin is as important as what we eat, and therefore, purity and quality are our guiding principles. We strongly believe that a combination of the latest scientific knowledge and resources provided by nature enables us to find ways to make all natural, non-toxic, and unique alternatives to conventional products.

We are committed to educating others about natural non-toxic alternatives in personal care. We strive to maintain the highest level of integrity and to treat our customers, our community, and our environment with respect and dignity.

At Palette by Nature, we realize that changing one’s lifestyle to a healthier one is not just consuming all natural and organic food, drinking clean water, and breathing fresh air but also using non–toxic and natural personal care products.

Thus, the idea of creating a company that will make a difference in providing women and men with a healthier, all natural, easy to use, and non-toxic alternative to conventional hair color was born.

All natural PPD and PTD Free hair dyes made from living plants using the latest scientific achievements in green chemistry – Palette by Nature™ utilizes a revolutionary breakthrough in dye technology based on more than 30 years of research by leading experts in the hair coloring industry.

Palette by Nature™ all natural PPD/PTD FREE hair coloring products are made entirely in the USA and contain the highest quality organic, non toxic and all natural ingredients available on the market. All of our natural hair coloring products comply with the United States and the European Union cosmetics regulations.
Palette by Nature™ all natural hair coloring products are completely FREE of PPD, PTD, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Resorcinol, Artificial Dyes, Ammonia, Gluten, Soy, EDTA, Phthalates, Parabens, etc. We never test on animals.

Our president, Dr. A. Vainshelboim, was involved in the development of natural alternatives to synthetic materials and petrochemicals on a course of his long career in academia and industry. Seeing the need for a truly natural and effective non-toxic alternative to traditional hair color, Dr. Vainshelboim drew upon his extensive experience to create the Palette by Nature™ range of 100% all natural non toxic PPD and PTD Free hair coloring products.

As a leading scientist in a field, Dr. Vainshelboim spent his career on research and development of natural alternatives to synthetic materials and petrochemicals as a research director at Aveda, Estee Lauder Companies; and colorants and natural dyes at Drexel University and L’Oreal.

Dr. Vainshelboim is the recipient of various academic and industrial achievement awards, including the Award for Establishment of “First Holistic Cosmetic Congress”. He has published over 60 papers and patents.

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