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Palette by Nature Reviews

Testimonials from our customers...

Steve, San Jose, CA

"I am in my early fifties and getting more and more grey. My wife does not want me to use color for men because she thinks that it contains a lot of harsh chemicals. I tried Your Gray Blending System. After several applications my grey just disappeared. Thank you."

S.B, Livingston, TX

I ordered your product about two weeks ago, I'm very happy with the results. Not just the color, but your product healed my scalp from a rash I had developed from toxic hair color from a brand I will not mention, but will never use again I don't know what's in your product, but it's magic. The itching, burning, flaking and pain is gone. My hair is very soft. Thanks for making such a remarkable product!

K.P, Madison, VA

Just reordered your hair color. Have been using it since March 2014 and my hair looks and feels great! ... Thank you for your product.

A.H, Walnut Creek, CA

I have been ordering your hair coloring for a few years now and love the color results. I order the 5GD and the 7 GD and my hair stylist uses both in coloring to give a highlighted effect. To date I have had no adverse effects of using your product and am allergic to all other coloring products with chemicals. Thanks so much for your product.

Annie, Australia

I am an Australian lady who recently ordered hair colour from you. There are quite a few negative reviews on the internet and I thought that I had wasted my money especially considering the high cost of postage. I was not expecting a good result. However, I used it yesterday and I am extremely happy with the result. VERY, VERY HAPPY. A fantastic result. It is so natural and my scalp did not itch all night as was the case with other hair dyes with synthetic chemicals.I will be reordering very soon.

L.B., Flemington, NJ

I just got an order of your hair color as it is on my safe list from my allergist. I brought it to my hair salon and I am so happy with the way it came out. My Stylist used it to foil my head as we wanted to make sure I did not react as this past months was really troublesome with allergy testing. I was using another brand – Organics but it contained propylene glycol- one of my major allergens! I appreciate your product as it does not contain synthetic ingredients!!!

P.O., Woodbury, CT

These products are life savers! Thank you so much for all you have done to help the many women with hair dye allergies!

V.M., Liberty, NY

Thank you so much for the unscented option. Your products are wonderful!!!!!

M.T., New York, NY

I used the permanent color twice and both times I was thrilled with the results. The color lasts and I am so happy to have found a product that is truly natural. There are so many products (even semi-permanent) coloring that claim they are free of harsh chemicals but the chemicals are there. This is different. Unlike anything I have ever seen. Please keep making these great products. Thank you.

D.B., Ventura, CA

...Your product is fantastic! With my allergies it has been the only hair color I can use that does not cause an allergic reaction. Thank you…

A.D., Chicago, IL

I wanted to submit my review on Palette By Nature Hair Dye:
About four years ago, I had a severe, severe allergic reaction to commercial hair dye. I had welts all over my head and chemical burns wherever the dye had touched me. My dermatologist believed I was allergic to PPD. I was on steroids for about a month. I went on to patch test different commercial hair dyes, which landed me in the ER three times. My symptoms lasted for about six months. It was the most horrible painful thing that had ever happened to me. After this incident, I stayed away from all hair dyes for the past four years, until now. At 43 years old my grays are coming in full force! I started googling for PPD natural hair dyes and stumbled upon Palette By Nature and so glad I did! I had read a few negative reviews online about PBN but the number of positive reviews outnumbered the bad ones. I decided to take a chance and try it for myself! After I passed the patch test, I proceeded to have my sister apply the dye for me. For reference , I used the 4N shade as my natural hair color is black. Wow, wow, wow!!! I am loving the results!!! Most of my grays are covered!!!! And the few small amount of grays that weren’t covered are nicely blended! I haven’t seen my hair look this dark in years and the best part is that I had zero allergic reactions, none! No itching, no welts, nothing!! I am so glad I gave this product a chance! I have been telling everyone about this product! Please never stop selling this product! I thought I would just have to go completely gray as I am getting older but thanks to PBN, I won’t have to!! Please don’t be afraid to try this product, it’s an absolute godsend to people who suffer from allergic reactions to commercial hair dyes. I will definitely be reordering very soon! I also purchased the color protective shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner…Hopefully, this can help other people who have gone through the same experience as me and they can see how well the dye covered my grays and with zero allergic reaction!!!

Thank you Palette By Nature!!!!

Caro,New Zealand

Early October 2017 I had such a severe reaction to a chemical based permanent hair colour that every inch of my body was covered in blisters (chemical burns), hives on arms/back and had continuous itching for 2 ½ weeks (happened upon rinsing my . GP prescribed me anti-histamines, aqueous cream and prednisone. All of which did naff all to assist in any type of relief or healing. Seems in NZ they have no idea how to treat such a severe reaction as 4 GP visits (3 different GP’s) within 2 weeks and not one of them came up with anything else to try. It is now early January 2018 and though I am still battling some of the original ‘clumps’ of blisters in the hope that they will disappear from my face, chest & girly bits, it seems every each and every other blister that was not a cluster as such have flattened but remain on my body, I am assuming forever. Tens of thousands of them all over me. I can see them very easily, as will anyone if they draw their attention, and for me this is horrendous, like a surreal bad joke, but it’s real. The result of PPD build up over the years. Palette by Nature is an absolute god-send!!!!!! I cannot rate it highly enough, the one and only product that my body can handle. I cannot put into words how grateful I am that you have invested your time and knowledge into developing this wonderful product that is safe for those to use that have been to hell and back with any form of chemical reaction. I will recommend Palette by Nature to everyone I know as I now understand first hand what damage can be done with alternative products. THANK YOU so much!


I am very allergic to several hair color products. The reaction had ...become more serve over the past few years even though I had colored my hair for 15 years. I tried Nuturcolor from Whole Foods which gave me beautiful results but after 4 times even that caused a reaction for me. I called number on box and spoke to rep and found out that it contains very small amount of PPD. The reaction affects my nervous system which is very terrifying. I quickly rinsed off product after only 5 minutes on my head and called my doctor. He told me to take 1 & 1/2 dose of Benadryl and drink 2 water bottles. If I didn't feel better in 5 minutes he wanted me to call 911. I paced my house wondering what to do. In 20-30 minutes later I was completely fine. Scary stuff I felt like I was being poisoned I went to an allergist and strangely I am not allergic to PPD but allergic something else in hair color products. Determined to find a product I had the Allergist do additional testing on me for what is known to be a safer product called EcoColor... but even that gave me a reaction. I possibly narrowed it down to be allergic to aminophenol. My allergist can do testing for 2 versions of aminophenol but he would have to special order this type of testing. It is crazy researching what is in so many hair color products and how harmful they can be. I safely tried Madison Reed semi-permanent gloss after patch test but it washed out after a few washings I am so glad that I tried Palette by Nature. I did a patch test for 48 hours first without any adverse reactions. I have fine textured, medium blonde hair with large gray skunk like areas at both temples and gray around my face Odd looking if I go were to go natural. Thank you, Thank you Palette by Nature for creating a permanent hair color product that works for me. I only needed 1/3 of each of the bottles to cover my gray. I poured product along a comb and got as close to root area as I could to be on the safe side. Now I look like a younger me thanks to 9N which gave me a light blonde deposit on my gray hair. I could go darker but I am enjoying the blonder hair look around my face just fine. I'll be ordering more color soon to have on hand and will even buy color protecting products. Moral of the story. Always do a patch test, listen your body, seek medical advise if necessary but perhaps there is a product out there that will work for you.

C.T, Rutherfordton, NC

I developed a severe reaction to conventional hair dyes years ago after some nitwit of a diva stylist, who had 4 color appointments going at the same time, decided to hurry me up by applying an "accelerator" to my color. It started burning just a little right when she put it on. In a very few minutes it felt like someone had poured gas on my head and set it on fire. Whoa, somebody call 911! I made her rinse it out immediately. My scalp was so red it glowed. That was that from then on. I tried other 'natural' hair color products. They were a little better but I still had a reaction. I've only been able to get foiled low-lights put in for years now with the stylist making sure not to get any on my skin/scalp. I don't care what anybody says, grey hair ages you and it has finally reached the point that I need all over color. The search was on. I found Palette By Nature surfing the net for a product without the big nasties in it. My stylist agreed to use it on me and it is fabulous. Did I say fabulous? Yes I did. No stench, no burning, no itching, and my hair does not have that spongy feeling when it is wet. The color is beautiful. I mixed 7N and 8CG. My hair grabs color and on me, the combo came out a soft/light brown with red highlights. How yummy is that? I'll be using this product from now on. Heart felt thanks for a great product PBN!

Rita, VT, USA

I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful product! Before I heard of Palette by Nature, I was using a natural hair color for many years. It did a wonderful job, but the darker colors contained henna and I was gradually turning from a natural brunette to a red head, which didn't really go with my coloring. I ordered your grey blending system for dark hair (which by the way was very easy to use) and within a week I was once again a brunette. Thank you! Please never ever stop making your product. I'm going to tell my friends and family about it!

L.C., Wayne, NJ

Thank you so much! I had to use the full bottles of both base and color. I had no burning and no reaction. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT and your suggestion of 6GD and 6N is perfect! My hair is so soft and it hid the blonde beautifully that was still showing and matched up to my grown out natural color.... All in all I am very pleased. I would suggest this product to any Lupus patient for sure! Thank you again.

A.B., Grand Rapids, MI

“ Thank you for this product. It truly is the only hair color I can I use after my last reaction with hives from my waist up for a month. Tongue swollen. And had to cut my elbow length hair OFF because the residue from the hair color on my hair would not heal. And by the way I was a hair dresser I could never work in a salon that offers hair color services. Now I work as a stylist for advertising. THANK YOU for having this life saving product. ”

B.S., East Berlin

“ I really don’t want to write a formal review per se. Men don’t want anyone to know that they color their hair. It is one of life’s double standards (accepted for women, not so much for men). That being said, I have to tell you that the Gray Blending System product is amazing! After 20 years of hit and miss, this product hits it head-on. No adverse reaction (I am sensitive to PPD compounds), no scalp stinging, and safe enough to use weekly to maintain color. What is nicest of all, is the fact that it truly IS a gray blending system. It added the boost of color I needed, but left enough gray to give it a completely natural look. Furthermore, the way in which this product is used (weekly, if desired) completely removes the boom and bust cycle associated with other coloring products (in that hair initially looks conspicuously dyed, then OK for a week or two, then faded and gray). My only fear – don’t ever stop making this product! I am serious. The story of my life goes like this – I find a great product and eventually it gets discontinued (or “improved” to the point of failure). This product works so well. I don’t want to risk ever going without it. ”

G.A., Alaska

“ I just wanted to say that I am one more THRILLED customer since trying your hair color. I had experienced such a bad reaction to hair color that I’d been using for years that I ended up in the Emergency Room with breathing trouble. After a lot of internet research I found your product and tried it. I have gotten nothing but compliments about my hair color and I am delighted with how natural it looks. We live in a very remote village in rural Alaska and had no problems with shipping either. Thank you so much for making your wonderful products available to us! ”

K.L., Delanson, NY

“ I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with your gray blending system. I've been dying my hair for many years, but about a year ago, I decided I just didn't want to keep using the chemicals, and I'd let it go grey. This was harder than I thought! As the gray continued to come in, my chemically processed hair continued to lighten. The ends, in particular, got brassy in color (my hair is naturally dark brown). I didn't really want to thoroughly color my hair (I kind of like the gray accents), but I wished I could soften them a little. I like to pull my hair back, and the gray is most prominent at my temples. And I really wanted to get rid of all the different brassy shades. I thought I would just have to wait for it to grow out, but then I discovered your gray blending system. I almost never do product reviews, but I was so happy with the results, I had to let you know. On the first application, all the brassiness disappeared. My hair was an even dark brown, and it felt great. The gray was still there, but it appeared softer. I did two or three more applications, and each time, I noticed the same thing. The gray continued to be softer in appearance and to blend better. It was exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks!”

S.L., Bisbee, AZ

“ Thank You! I am a dermatologist and beyond grateful to find this fine product/system that is free of PPD and known sensitizers. I wish Palette by Nature every success and continued growth. ”

B.C., Madison, MS

“ I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!! In 2008 “I” colored my hair as I have done SO, SO MANY times before. However, I developed a rash that I truly suffered from for nearly a year (hospitalized at one time due to the rash). To this day, I continue to have problems with certain chemicals now due to that horrible rash/time in my life. That all changed when I found your site!! After reviewing and reading the testimonials I realized I could have written any or all of them. I just placed my third order with Palette by Nature. I would like to personally thank you for producing a product that is suitable for my very, very sensitive skin.”


“ Just needed to send you an email as soon as I got home from the salon where I brought your product for application. Wow, totally impressed. Covered the grays. Wonderful product. Thank you so much! .”

L.M., Sutton, MA

“ I am writing to compliment you on your product - I've used it several times now, and it's wonderful. I have a great many allergies which prohibit me from using any chemicals, but my main problem is severe migraines, and I cannot use anything with strong odors - I can't even go into a salon for a haircut that uses regular products without being in pain for days on end (a friend cuts my hair at home). This is the first product that has caused me no reactions, and no headaches - and actually works (very well I might add). The fact that it's so reasonably priced it just like a cherry on top. Thanks.”


“ I think customers are being unfair. You cannot expect a 100% natural product to ‘behave’ like a chemical/toxin laden one. The UN-natural hair colors do their jobs, sure – but they leave your hair damaged in the process, not to mention the many toxic chemicals you are exposed to. Nature by Palette is correct – their hair color works with a ‘cumulative’ effect, it will take more than one application to get the desired results. I used it for the first time last night and yes, there was still gray hair visible, but I intend to re-apply hair color until the gray disappears. The price? I’d rather pay the $23 and know I’m getting something healthy for my hair and body, than pay $5 and get a load of chemicals which can do permanent damage to my body and hair. Thanks.”

C.O., Stevens Point, WI

“ Hello,I really would like to give my testimonial. I am completely amazed by your product. I have chemical sensitvity and react with debilitating migraines to any chemicals/smells. I searched for 10 years for a hair dye because I react with a migraine to all hair dyes. My boyfriend of 7 years had to let his hair go grey because even having him dye his hair would make me sick to be around him. Even henna made me sick.So I was so excited to find your product. We used it at home...4N to cover my boyfriends grey... I applied it myself and was completely amazed that I could sit right next to my boyfriend right after he dyed it and I didn't have a migraine reaction. The fragrance-free option is amazing and your product is absolutely amazing...I literally have been waiting 10 years for it!Thank you so much more than I can say.....I hope you post this on your site testimonials!.”

Lisa S., Pennsylvania Customer

“ I love that your product doesn't cause an allergic reaction for me. I have struggled with trying to find a product to color my hair for about a year after suffering with rashes and dermatitis from regular coloring products. I am so thankful to find something that works!!!! Bless you for developing this product.”

S.K., Southold, NY

“I like your product...I have very dry hair from all the years of coloring before I knew about ppd. what a shame it’s not advertised on the label, the damage ppd causes to people. Thank you for a great product! ”

S.K., Gastonia, NC

“ Love, love, love your product! Found the exact perfect color of auburn by mixing 7CG & 7BC. 7CG is a great addition to the color palette. I’m telling everyone I know. Please keep making this great product forever!! ”

K.A., Canada

“Thank you for thinking of those who cant’ use normal hair products and making such a wonderful product to allow us to be beautiful too...”

Joy, New Zealand

“ Hi there, Just wanted to say again how much I love your product. I am so excited because its the only hair colour that gives me a beautiful colour without any allergic reaction and still looks lovely when it fades. I will be ordering some more soon. Thanks a million.”

R.C., Annville, PA

“ Fabulous hair dye--I am allergic to US hair dyes and this not only turned out a lovely color but my hair is fuller and moisturized.”

W.S., Fort Worth, TX

“ I have recently used your product and I love it. Other dyes really irritate and dry out my scalp. This one does not do that at all and the color is lovely. Exactly what I wanted.”

R.P., Briarwood, NY

“ As a person, who is severely allergic to hair dye, I have tried in vain to find a safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, permanent hair dye. My only alternative has been henna, which is a very, very messy, labor intensive and time consuming. Also, it’s not permanent and highly unstable. The color will come off in your hands, bed sheets, pillows, etc. I avoided going into the pool during the summertime for fear that I will turn the pool black :=( I must admit I was a bit suspicious about your website. The price of the product didn't help either, but I bite the bullet. After using your product for the first time, I must confess that I l-o-o-o-o-v-e your product! This is the best non-toxic, non-allergenic permanent hair dye on the market. And, yes, I have tried them all! The last "all natural" hair dye nearly put me in the hospital. Unfortunately, the hair dye industry does know about consumers like me, but they simple don't care. Their focus is on profits and not people. Thanks for creating a terrific "green" product that protects the environment as well as ending the pain and frustration for consumers, who suffer from hair dye allergies.”

Dawn, Orangevale, CA

“After years of dying my hair, one day I suddenly became severely allergic to it, much to my dismay. I had never known a woman in my family with gray hair (including my 90 year old Grandma) and I was not going to be the first. I patch-tested a variety of brands and formulas promising to be safe to no avail. I also tried the foils thinking that avoiding exposure to my scalp would be safe – It is NOT. I tried 2 foils starting about 2 inches down from the scalp. Trust me - hair is porous and chemicals absorb very nicely INTO the scalp and your system regardless of whether or not it touches. I developed 2 huge weeping welts on my head to prove it. You would be amazed at how many hairdressers don’t know that. I also recently did some patch-testing at an Aveda Salon Spa which boasts their “all-natural products containing pure flower and plant essences”. Again I failed patch-testing. I have been using henna for years now but acquiring the brand that worked best for me involved traveling quite a ways to a tiny Persian Market and it was hit & miss as to if they had it in stock so when they did, I would buy about a year’s supply. I really hated the lengthy and messy henna process and the unnatural redness of my hair – but that was my only option until I just recently found your product. It was a stretch after paying only $3 a box for henna but I had to give it a try. I was really scared but the patch-test was good. I then did my first real full-head trial in years which was terrifying, knowing how allergic I am. I had my phone, prescription super-antihistamine, epi-pen and prednisone on standby. I didn’t leave the product on the full time, but it still worked ok and no reaction! Now I am confident about it and fully expect that leaving it on longer, it will work even better. ... I am very excited now that I can cut my hair into a more layered style, my hair was so very light in places where there was a lot of gray that layering it just made it look hideous. I am very hopeful though now that I have at last found something that will work for me to allow me to have a decent hair color and style. Thank you so much for such a wonderful Product.”

Joy Marshall, New Zealand

“Hi, this is a testimonial from me that I give you permission to use if you like. I have been using henna since I became chemically sensitive but wanted to go a different colour from the orange/red I was getting everytime. For years I have spent literally hundreds and hundreds of hours researching the internet to find an alternative organic hair colour that would achieve this. A few months ago I came across your website and after spending much time researching your product concluded that this was the product perfect for me. I was very nervous about using it still because I had tried a natural hair colour from a health shop and still reacted badly to it but I noticed that you used all natural ingredients including the plant based dyes which was better than the carbon based dyes than the Surya hair dye I had looked at I felt. I really wanted it to be absolutely natural. I bought the intense light copper colour because I had a bit of brown and a bit of grey in my hair and I used to be blonde but the older I got the more I realised I needed a bit of colour to suit my skin tone. The service was so great. Very quick. I went to a Salon and decided to use foils just to make absolutely sure I was safe. - After 45 minutes under the recommended heat bonnet she washed my hair and WOW, WOW, WOW, the colour was exactly as the picture showed and it was beautiful. I'm also really pleased about the fact that she said I have enough of the colour to last two more applications. (I have shoulder length hair) A BIG THANK YOU - I am so very happy - your product is the most excellent I have ever found and I can honestly testify that I have had no problems with my health and I was EXTREMELY sensitive. I will be one of your regular customers from now on. I cannot thank you enough because I no longer have to go through any more stress in changing my hair colour.”

Alison, London, UK

“I was skeptical to say the least having tried 2 other products that claimed to be PPD free. I am also a Black woman with natural hair, which means that previously I had to always buy 2 of any product. As I have had a dark natural brown product before it was only the roots that I wanted to touch up, I have to admit I was concerned, but bought 2 of the Natural Brown 4N. I am happy to report that the product is amazing, no itching, no blisters, or embarrassing trips to the Doctors explaining why my skin is weeping and blistered, my doctor had told me after allergy testing Never to use a PPD product. In short this product is brilliant, there was one very Grey area which didn’t do the first time but as I only used two thirds of the product (I should add I only used 1 of the hair dye not 2 as I had previously) I was able to repeat it on that section the next day and it was fine, I’m very happy that I don’t have to be Grey. My hair is now a very lovely shade of Dark brown. Thank you so much.”

K.D., Fontana, CA

“Hi there!! WOW...well I've been allergic to PPD for the past 10 years (since the birth of my daughter) and my hairdresser has been doing back to back foils since then. We only do the top half of my head and she very very very carefully tries not to touch my scalp with color. It does happen and I suffer but go on :) Now that I am in my late 30's and getting much more grey hair, my regrowth is crazy!! And since my hairdresser can't touch my scalp, sometimes when I leave you can already see the grey regrowth.

I came upon your website last week, ordered 5N, did a patch test and no reaction. YES I cried :) THRILLED!!

I just left the salon, we did the entire underneath of my hair just to see color and to double double make sure I have no reaction.


D.H., Chicago, IL

“Just used 5N, it was a pleasure! I am a Wellness Coach and Energy Facilitator and have been against chemical hair dyes and make-up for over 30 years. I used Light Mountain henna for years, like some of your other testimonies I was tired of being orange red.”

T.A., Stockton, CA

“You are an answer to my prayers! PPD was literally killing me…I can tell you long stories about all I have gone through not knowing the cause. I am so happy you found a way to make hair color that stays without PPD! Thank you…”

S.T., Reykjavík, Iceland

“This is the best hair color I’ve tried.”

J.B., San Diego, CA

“Thank you! So nice not to have an itchy, rash-y scalp….”

J.S., Webster, TX

“I have been a customer for about a year or so and I am pleased to say that the colors I have chosen lasts a very long time.”

M.R., Apex, NC

“I just wanted to say Thank You soooo much! I’m so happy with your product! It’s the only product that I’ve been able to use, and it looks amazing!”

Tracey,Waterloo, ON, Canada

Hi, I tried your dark brown hair colour today - and I can't believe the results. Amazing! I'm very allergic to PPD (and other things) so this is a huge relief for me. Good R&D guys!! Big thank you.

R.M., Clinton, MI

Thank you so much for developing your products!! It is wonderful to have a safe alternative to hair color that also nourishes your hair giving amazing natural results. Once I got over the fear of learning a new application method, it was as easy as any chemical hair color. Thank you again.

Rosa, Goffstown, NH

I love your products!!!! Thanks so much for creating such a great opportunity for people looking for alternatives to color their hair.

Suzanne, Placentia, CA

I was so happy that I did not have my skin reaction! No reaction at all! This is a color I can live with. Thanks for a great product. I am SO HAPPY that I don't have to go gray!By the way, I followed the directions and read all the comments from other consumers on your website. This applicatioin was very easy to do at home with help. This was not as "runny/liquidy" and did not drip as much as the one my hair stylist used. I used the shampoo and conditioner you recommended. My family (kids and hubby) said my hair smelled so good.Thanks.

M.F., Towson, MD

So glad my neighbor recommended you. Thanks so much for being there. I quit coloring my hair 10 years ago to get away from the chemicals so I am happy about your product.

RSN, Syracuse, NY

Thank you for developing this all natural hair color product. My hair is short so I can get two applications from one kit. With both applications, I have had no more itch or concerns about using chemicals, which can be detrimental to my health.

C.P., Mississauga,Canada

"I recently used your 8N color on my hair. I should explain that I am a hairdresser and I have become highly allergic to conventional hair color with all of the chemicals in them. I am now at the point that I won't subject my hair or body to the chemicals since I suffer so badly after.....yet I am not ready to go grey yet! What I wanted to let you know is that I was very doubtful that I could handle your product on my skin as I am allergic to a lot of things. I did the patch test and that was fine and then when I put it on my scalp I didn't feel any irritation or was wonderful. Being a hairdresser, I was doubtful that any product without peroxide or ammonia would cover grey hair. I was also doubly surprised that it did cover my grey obviously have a great product and have been a life saver for me."

Diane, Vancouver,Canada

"I have a severe allergy to hair dyes due to ppd. I searched the web and found your site and ordered your product 5N. I did two 48 hour patch test on my scalp with no negative results. I then had my stylist apply your product but used foils, just another precaution on my part due previous allergies to salon products. I’m happy to report that I did not have an allergic reaction to your product. The coverage of my gray hair was a great surprise. I will continue to order product and will recommend it to others. My stylist was also pleased with its result. Love your product, keep up the great work. I can finally get rid of my gray hair and feel great again"

P.C., Ocean Springs,MS

"I love your product- it is great to have a healthy alternative to regular deadly hair dye! The smell is quite pleasant and it did not make my hair feel course- it left it soft."

S.A., Middletown, NJ

"Thanks for your help and your great product that has once again allowed me to color my hair!"

B.P., Minnetonka, MN

"Your product is wonderful!! My scalp feels better and I feel better in general. The color is great. I have looked for something like this for years and years. Thanks for getting this out there"

C.L., Marysville, WA

"My hairdresser colored my hair a week ago. We used 6N. I'm happy with the results. I didn't have any reaction to the color at all. Hurray! I am certainly going to suggest your product to anyone I know that has difficulty with reactions to hair color. The product was easy for the hairdresser to put on."

D.B., Wasilla, AK

"After years of trying henna products, and being very tired of the 'red,' my daughter found your site, and encouraged me to try your product. WOW! I am so happy with it! It worked fantastic. It covered my gray, and isn't 'red' like henna. My daughter says I look years younger!!!! Thanks again for an awesome product. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer!"

N.A., Port Monmouth, NJ

"I have suddenly developed an allergy to hair dye after using it for many years. I used your product for the first time and did NOT have an allergic reaction. I am so happy to have found your product on the web as I did not want to stop coloring my hair."

C.S., Oshawa, ON

"I am thrilled that I found your product, I have been searching for years for something I could use as I am severely allergic to the ppd ingredient and cannot use any known hair dyes. I am soooooo happy to have found this product and look forward to using it regularly."

E., Huntersville, NC

"Thanks for coming up with all these great products. I am telling my friends and family about as I feel it will benefit their well being in the future."

B.H., Scottsdale, AZ

"I am so impressed! I have had no irritation no burning or itching and it is covering the grey! (which in my case is actually white) I am so impressed with this product. The safety and ease of use compared to other natural or so-called natural hair dyes. I thought my hair coloring days were over after a severe allergic reaction to a violet toner I recently had. Thank you for an amazing breakthrough product and thank you for allergy-free hair color!"

A.M., Manalapan, NJ

"I could not color my hair for 4 years because I am allergic to PPD .My hair turned completely grey. It took only one application of 8N to make my hair nice dark blonde again! I did not have any allergic reactions. And I was surprised that my color lasted for 6 weeks. Thank you for making this product!"

D.S., Irving, IL

"I am amazed at the excellent service you provide and fast shipping too. Your answers to my questions were straight forward, easy to understand and thorough! I am thrilled to have found your company and products."

Rick, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have some grey hair with yellow spots. After couple of applications of Gray Blending System my hair blended nicely with my natural dark blonde. Your product is amazing! Thank you!"

L.A. - stylist, Exeter, UK

"The client was extremely impressed with the colour and thought that it was one of the best colours she had experienced."

M.L., Burnsvile, MN

"I’ve tried many coloring shampoos. I was disappointed by the results I got. I decided to give your tinting shampoo a chance. I am dark blonde with some gray .I purchased Sunny Gold Saffron Tint. Surprisingly I’ve got nice warm golden tint that blended my gray. It is unbelievable that a natural product can be so effective."

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